Enoliexpo, the only event in Italy dedicate to the entire olive oil production chain. Enoliexpo is a highly specialised and exclusive Italian trade fair, dedicated to wine and oil producers only, to exchange information first-hand where we realise that supply and demand have a single point of view! Enoliexpo is a great fair created in the values and with the will that everyone – exhibitors of machinery, equipment, products and services for the wine and oil supply chains and visitors to wine growers, olive growers, oil mills, winemakers, winemakers, agronomists, agricultural experts, etc. – have a common vision of business and relationships. Enoliexpo is a training and information fair, during which the most appropriate professional training and updating courses will be held where the wine and oil operator can find effective answers to their questions, whether they are related to the processing of the vineyard or the The olive grove, whether they are directed towards transformation in the cellar or in the oil mill, are finally aimed at regulatory aspects or better placement of the product.