Quinti srl has its origins in the past centuries.

In 1840 the foundations were laid for what has now become an industrial 4.0 reality.

In fact, a document of the Italian General Confederation of Crafts the presence of an artisan workshop of the Quinti Brothers located in Pozzo della Chiana already in the 1940s, which could be said today operated in the transport sector, or that of carriages, is confirmed.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, the business moved instead to the agricultural sector, agricultural repairs and the creation of tools in general for the agricultural sector. It is not difficult to understand that this change was due to the evolution of mobility that began in those years.

The intuition seems to be the right one, so much so that in the early 60's it was necessary to build the first warehouse. From the artisan workshop located under the family home, to the construction of a modern factory, this is the first step in the process of change that will affect Quinti in the years to come.

In fact, the 1960s and 1970s represented the starting point for a new concept, more and more modern and increasingly attentive to the needs of the territory.

The purchase of the first lathe and the first manual radial drill was placed in 1963 and in 1967 the purchase of the first semiautomatic milling cutter: Quinti's horizons widened and the first collaborations began with other sectors, that of carpentry and packaging under the pressure of the entrepreneurial realities that were developing in the territory in those years.

However, it is the packaging sector that will characterize Quinti's history from here until today, the constant that will accompany the company in the new millennium and in the new corporate structure.

In 1982, the purchase of land in Cesa, a hamlet of Marciano della Chiana, in the heart of the Val di Chiana of Arezzo and the start of construction of a new factory, where the company will move in 1983.

Meanwhile, collaborations and ties with the packaging sector are becoming increasingly solid.

In the 90s, with the entry of the new generation into the company, joining their predecessors Gianfranco and Vitaliano, the process of revolutionizing the workshop began, the first numerically controlled vertical machining center was purchased first and then a numerically controlled lathe. In a few years the production will be entrusted almost exclusively to numerically controlled machinery, thus guaranteeing not only greater automation of processes, but also an excellent precision and quality of processing.

In 1999 the generational change gave birth to Quinti srl.
Four heirs of a company handed down from generation to generation, Alessio, Alessia, Benedetta and Massimiliano.

The example of a typical family business that characterizes the Italian industrial fabric so much and that is facing the new challenges of the global market.
The Quattro Quinti believe that it is necessary to focus not only on the quality of workmanship, but also on the enhancement of human resources and technological investments.

In 2003, Pierangelo, Alessia's husband, arrives in the company to whom she chooses to leave the company, while remaining in the company, which she joins and then heads the technical department.

This is also the moment when it was decided to create a line of bottling machines bearing the Quinti name around the world.

The experience gained in precision mechanics and the ambition to create a line of own bottling machines gives life to a project destined to soon become reality, in fact in a few years we arrive at the definition of the Easy Line System range, a compact monobloc for oil, wine and beer with the aim of simplifying and automating the processes that lead to the finished bottle ready to be put on the market and which will then be joined by other lines.

Subsequently Quinti decides to adopt a quality management system compliant with the ISO.9001 standard, this in order to equip itself with procedures and an integrated management system that allows to improve company management.

This leads to the ISO 9001 certification process in 2008, the first Quinti certification, which will be followed in 2020 by that for contact with food (ISO 2200).

In 2015 it was decided to expand the plant, a new department to be dedicated to the assembly of small groups.

But it was in 2017, with the purchase of the production management software capable of interfacing with the machining centers that Quinti launched himself towards the challenge of enterprise 4.0.

From here begins a new "era", a new way of seeing production, where the keywords are monitoring and traceability of production flows and batches. This technology has made it possible to trace the production of mechanical parts and in a company that caters to the food sector this is certainly an essential element.

Not only that, Quinti also decides to equip its machines with a 4.0 software to facilitate the digitization process of its customers, obtaining advantages in economic and fiscal terms: the Quinti machines are thus refundable at 50%.

A Quinti machine is synonymous with quality and both mechanical and technological research.

Those who choose Quinti choose not only a bottling machine, but a philosophy: that of doing well, quality without compromise, the search for not only technological and mechanical, but also aesthetic solutions.

Today Quinti looks to the future aware that change is the key element for the success of an ancient company, with the task of having to pass it on to new generations, because those who inherit such a long history have the burden of having to keep it and pass it on, and to do this, it is essential to understand tomorrow and anticipate the times so as not to be the victim of a process of natural evolution, as when the Quinti brothers stopped dedicating themselves to carriages and diverted their knowledge and their art to other sectors.


Strengthened by an entrepreneurial tradition born over 150 years ago and a young, competent and close-knit staff, we support the growth of our customers through innovative bottling plants that respond to a principle:
punctuality and speed in responding to customer needs.
Aware that partner service and satisfaction is the best driver for excellence on both sides.


Building a reference district for bottling mechanics through growth in innovative sectors and the conquest of international markets, studying, designing and implementing ideal solutions to the real needs of the Client.



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